AUDIO I keep coming back. This time it would be my last stop before moving into FM. I have always felt that when you stop learning or at least improving your performance, then the gig is over. You have to keep it fresh for yourself and that keeps it fresh for the listeners. This station was the perfect radio disc-jockey learning tool. We had practically no budget for promotions and what we did, we did ourselves. It was memorable because it is where I would meet a major market morning team that would forever change the way I approached the broadcast. Ross Brittan and Brian Wilson (of the famous team of Ross and Wilson on Z-93 and Z-100) would put me under their wing and give me some great help.

Through suggestions and encouragement, Brian Wilson took the time to critique air checks (that's a tape of a disc jockey's program without the entire songs included so you can hear how the talent sounds in between the music) of my morning show. He taught me a huge amount about delivering comedy and the value of preparation. (and "Preparation H" can't take the comedy out of the disc-jockey!) Watching he and Ross work was like looking behind the curtain of Oz. I was starting to understand the small things that produced the major market sound. For their sharing and encouragement, I will be eternally grateful.

I would follow a very talented Ben Sandifer in the WNEX morning slot. I had already been a program director and morning host, so it was not new ground for me. A former program director, Jim Jennings at WVLD once told me that I would never be a morning talent. Another one of those things you say in a lifetime that comes back to haunt you. [grin]

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