The stay was not as long...or had as great an impact on me. It was a great time to be in radio. The industry had tried the "Q" format and decided it was time to introduce personality back into the format, but keep the best parts of the "Drake-isms" (named after Georgian Bill Drake...the man that changed the face of radio) like tight board work and talking over records. It was fun because the music styles were all different. We'd play anything back to back. There were no "train wrecks" because we didn't have any trains! (those in the industry will remember that) You could play a song by the Jackson Five, Alice Cooper and a tune from Jerry Reed. Broadcasting was redefining itself and we would do the same in the traditional WNEX fashion...NO BUDGET!

These were incredible radio days. Rock 'n' Roll was redefining itself almost every week. We were at center stage with Capricorn here in Macon. The home town boys turned on the world to Southern Rock and we were their cheerleaders. We broke every record, introduced new groups and took chances on new music. We were even featured on the industry album "Radio Digest" which let other radio stations listen to other stations all over America. If you wanted kids to buy a record, you put it on the Big X.

Then there was the day Wolfman Jack came to the Big X to do a live program. He was really there! Greg Rice introduced him and Terry Taylor ran the board. Can you tell which one is me in the picture? LOL! Brief audio of his program is on the audio pop up of this page. Just 'click to Listen' at the top of the page. This is used with permission from the Wolfman Jack Memorial Hall of Fame. I donated a CD of the entire broadcast for them to use in their listening library. Including the vasolene "sketch" that caused the general manager to walk in and shut him down. What a hoot!

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