This was the beginning. My professional career began with an "OK" and a "Welcome" from Program Director Bill Powell and General Manager Albert Sanders. Little did they know how bad I really was.

Poster child for the American Heritage Dictionary definition of the word "geek". I think they even created a new word to describe me...and a "dork" was born!

I was 15 years old when I began work as a disc-jockey. Looking back now, I am appreciative and amazed at the "risk" taken by Bill Powell and Albert Sanders. Most kids beginning in radio back in the 70's did NOT begin at a 50,000 watt station. I think they saw a bit of themselves in me and wanted to give a kid a break.

BTW, don't feel sorry for my getting fired. I really don't blame them. Back then, WMAZ was a news leader. I was a kid that had to deliver an 11PM radio newscast in the days when there were names from a war in Viet Nam I just simply couldn't pronounce. Ron Wildman had just started work there, along with Ken Hill. Bobby Pope was just out of college. Joel Godard was a production guru, and Gary Guntor really went to bat for me. I can't say enough nice things about those that took me under their wings.

Looking back, getting fired was the best thing for me because I would soon be off to an AM station called "The Big X". It was the teenage Top 40 station. Unlike WMAZ, suddenly, my friends were listening!

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