WBML was another great learning experience. Many things you hear today are as a result of what happened there. It was here that I began to call the President everyday. That's right. Every afternoon I would call Nixon. I haven't stopped since. It was here that the public was introduced to BVD, my character based on the morning conversations of Bill Powell and TZ.

Ken Crook was the best instructor I had ever had. He would begin each conversation with praise of all of the things you had done right. Then, slowly would suggest things you may try to improve. I have never forgotten that style or how much it meant to me. But, Ken moved on and I was next in line for Program Director. I didn't enjoy it. A strain (to say the least) on your creativity.

This part of my career only lasted a bit over a year and a half...but the experience and encouragement was invaluable.

I began there as an afternoon host with David Price and Pete Konenkamp as my news presenters. I had a commanding view from the Peek-A-Blue building on Riverside Drive. I saw everything from car wrecks to Richard Pryor walking to Central City Park one day while filming Bingo Long and the Traveling All Stars. It was a great sounding radio station.

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