Back in 1999, our little 100,000 watt station still covered half the state of Georgia and was one of the most listened to internet stations. (This was before AFTRA got into the act and caused most stations to go offline.) Our management...the team of "Dumb and Dumber"...couldn't see the advantage of having a world wide audience. E-mails and phone calls would come in from all over the world. I would get a call from someone in Australia just getting ready to go to sleep while listening to the morning show. A listener in the UK would play a song for a friend in Norway. We even had an internet listener from up north stop by the studio on their way to...where else...Disney World. You get the idea.

I would like to share some of the e-mails we received. We filled the mailbox of our MindSpring several times. Every e-mail was posted in the control room and we tried to honor all of the requests the same as we did the phone calls.

The company from Warner Robins that provided the audio stream said they had to stop doing it or we'd have to pay for the bandwidth and software. I'm guessing you know how "Dumb and Dumber" reacted.

To all who listened and responded...thanks! I've taken the liberty of making the location text Bold. For a while it truly was a smaller world and all of us at the station were proud to be a part.

Just got into your station, it's really GREAT. I'm way up here in Montreal, CANADA. Keep up the GREAT work, it's really enjoyable. Thanks
Frank *********
Sounds good :-)

Bryce *****, ScienceTeacher/Technology Facilitator Haydock Intermediate School ( 647 West Hill St Oxnard, California 93033
great station.. your winamp audio doesnt play though g2 sounds great

phoenix, az

Im from las vegas, and just wanted to say that im real pleased to find you.

We in las vegas used to have a oldies station called big oldies 93.1.

Now we have the same station, but now it is called cool 93.1.

I wanted to strangle the station, because it became trash, and the real killer was this:


Freaks. now they have a crap show from here called live from las vegas. (They make it). please do not get them you will waste your money, and I love supergold more.

Keep up the good work.

Now, I found you guys, how do I get a T1 line into my stereo?????
Just found your station, Sounds really great. My classes are listening in with me. Kinda makes the homework go down easier.

Patsey ******
Mathematics Teacher (9-12)
Whitesboro, OK

Hey I'm here at the cpu and listening .. its a great station on the net .... I also have a request... how about

Does your chewing gum lose its flavor on the bedpost overnight, by Lonnie Donegan and his skiffle band ... I understand that John Lennon was a big fan before the Beatles!


Phil ******
Hi Ways staff:

Thanks so much for providing your station internet broadcasting capability so those of us here in southern Ontario Canada (Kitchener-Waterloo to be exact) can enjoy the terrific tunes! Keep up the great work.

When I try to listen to 99ways, I get disconnected. When I attempt to reconnect I get a "server alert" stating the server has reached its capacity. I contacted RealPlayer, and they said it was because there weren't enough links purchased. Can you PLEASE purchase more so I can tune in. I work in a metal building and radio reception is not an option. Thanks a million if you grant my request. Joan Smith
Hello, Oldies 99.

I've recently discovered Shoutcast and found your station today. I saw your promo and thought I'd drop you a line.

I enjoyed the Motown Monday show this morning. I'm also a big fan of British Invasion and other early rock.

Thought I'd drop you a line to let you know someone in Ohio is listening. I'm tied to a computer at work all day, so Shoutcast is a refreshing break from playing my own CDs.

Best wishes,

-- Bob ****
hi, i'm from the philippines and i always listen
to your station thru the net.
Hay ! Whats the chance of picking up one of 25 Radio Station in Luoisville......The stations
HERE SUCK with A BIG "S" I have you on the inter-NET and Man are you
AS a broadcaster of 23 years RETIRED... I'm 60 years , I can say DAMN FINE...
Keep up the job.
Time now 7:05 PM
Beau ******
I usually listen to your station while returning home from S/GA. I was thrilled when I discovered that I could listen to your station over the 'net'!!! Do you take requests via e-mail? If you do would you please play Abraham, Martin, and John? I don't remember the artist. If you can find it and play it today Great!!! I'd love to hear it!! I leave the office at 5:00 pm.

Jackie in Atlanta
Elvis Presley did "You ain't nothing but a Hound Dog", but that was just a cover record and the original was done by a Blues Singer named "Big Mama Thornton". Is this not true? These "KIDS" I have to work with don't believe me.
When I talk about groups like the "Cadillacs, Spaniels, Turbans, etc" they look at me like I just escaped from a Pyramid.
Online in Minnesota enjoying the tunes. Keep'em coming! John
i almost drive off the road laughing so hard. keep up the stupid ????????'ss. good morning bill. the caller with the nasel problem

(I know this isn't an internet e-mail...but it makes me look funny so it's a pretty rare e-mail. -Bill)
Hello Bill. Didn't know what else to do but email you. Has anyone emailed saying they were having trouble with their WINAMP? Everyone now and then when I'm listening to the music it will just quit and I have to reload it. Is there a website I can go to for trouble with WINAMP? Please let me know. Thank you. Keep up the good work, I love your morning show. Couldn't start the day without it. Luanne ******
hi. i've been getting an URL error message whenever i try to connect to your site. i checked with RealG2 and they recommend that i inform you guys about it.
they say it's outdated.

if so, kindly let me know how i can connect to your live internet brodcast again.


ed ****** Makati, Philippines
keep up the good sounds gavin edinburgh scotland
An ICQ friend introduced me last night to your available online station and it's great! So glad to be able to get it here! I listen on my radio to Oldies96 out of Saginaw MI but I don't think they have anything available like this. There's nothing like listening to the best music while online! Do you have specific request times?
Hi there

I've been listening to your broadcasting via internet for the last few months and enjoying it very much.

However, since yesterday I am not able to put it to work. Even when I check your homepage and click on the "listen live" (Real Audio) option, it gives me a message the link is not accurate or something like it. Any hints?


Carlos *********, PhD
Department of Biology
Av. Brasil, 56
15385-000 - Ilha Solteira - SP
Phone/FAX: +55 18 ***-****
I am stationed at Ramstein AB, Germany. Can you please play The Temptations/I Can't Get Next To You? Thank you.
what time does supergold start on saturday night?

im on the west coast and wanted to know when to catch supergold.

Thnak you for being a GREAT oldies station!

chia pets bill?

dane *****
Just found your station today and Love it! I do have a request though, can you play some Elvis??

in Hot Springs, Ar.
Hi from Austria/Europe!

I listen to 99Ways since half a year and i like your programm very much.

But since yesterday the quality decreased, it sounds like if i listen to radio and the sender is not exactly chossen from my radio.

Hope you could fix this problem.

Thanks Robert.
Hi I just wanted to let you know that I am Listening to your station up here in Howell Mich. I think it is a great station. We Go to Byron Ga. once a year to visit and that is when we first starting listening to you station. Mike.
Love the oldies listen to you when I'm on my Pc at nite.
Savannah Ga USA


CYNDY ******


Hi Guys,

I just found your station thru a net search. If you haven't played them recently, I'd like to hear "Walking The Dog," or "Why Do Fools Fall In Love."

By the way, I'm on the Gulf of Mexico in the Florida panhandle. My nickname is JBug.

I heard you when I was in Warner Robins working and have now tuned into your live broadcast on the net. Cliff from Lawrenceville, GA.

Keep up the good work and happy Thanksgiving.


Please check out my homepage at:


I'm from MI & a net friend of mine from GA told me of your station & online programming; it's GREAT to be able to chat with him while we both listen to 99ways! Thanks for making it all possible!
As I type this I'm listening to the Mamas and Papas ... this is so cool. I'm originally from Washington DC, now living in Hong Kong. Just thought I'd say hi.

Hi! I live in Toronto, Canada and listen to you guys through the web.

The sound quality is quite good overall, though I do notice that the stereo effect is lost on several songs.

Specifically, The Mamas and Papas, "I Saw Her Again Last Night" has most of the singing very muted and lost in the background because one side of the stereo is missing.

This happens every time you play it.

Check it out and let me know the scoop.

Otherwise, keep playing those great classics.

Brent *********

I've been listening to you for about three months now. I'm in Prince George B.C. Canada, which is about 700 miles north of seattle. I like the oldies so I'm really happy to have Net Radio. We're getting our first serious snow fall of the winter today so it's starting to feel pretty Christmasy

really do enjoy your great r radio station
regards "BIG E "
I am crazy about Macon and i am shocked how superb quality of your music choices ! I am regularly listening to your excelent radio 99,1 FM sitting in my home in Slovak Republic, Europe. Say hallo to Mifi Smith's from Warner Robins , my very best friend.

Thank for your broadcasting


Slavo from Martin, Slovak Republic.
Thanks so much for this gift. I'm a 23 year old peace Corps volunteer in Tanzania (east africa) teaching chemistry. And I've been DYING to hear some good oldies. I've been here for a year now, and just discovered that when I type my emails I can enjoy the music I love. thank you SOOO MUCH!

Gary ****
I was wanting to know if you can tell me the name of that song with snoopy and the red barron. Or what cd is it on. I think it is Christmas Bells not sure though.

Thanks and keep up the good work on the air.

hutch *******
i am listening....and i have a question about a song...whats the name of the song thats about bobby mcallister jumping off of the tallahatchie bride and where can i get a copy? thanks alot.
i'm a grad student at Dartmouth College in Hanover, NH listening via the internet. you're station is fantastic. my lab has been rocking all morning!

keep it up! i'm glad i found you on the internet!

Kmate *****
hows everything? would you like to come to las vegas and start a radio station called big oldies 93.1? i've wanted a great oldies since the other bite the dust on january 1999? please?
Just found you. Great to be able to listen to oldies over the internet. Thanks! Sandy Verona MO
A few years ago I heard Porky Pig sing Blue Christmas. Do you have the song? Would love to here it during the holiday season. Thanks!!

Happy Holidays
Dear 99 Ways,
Hi From Metro Atlanta. I'm Brian "BD Boppe"r. I'm 17 years old and I love the station! I was in town this summer at the Georgia Academy for the Blind (I'm visually impaired) for camp. I fell in love with the station. I'm glad to see the station bit casting.
I'd love to hear "Sleigh Ride" by the Ventures. I love that song, especially at this festive time of year. I'll probably log off of the internet in about 45 minutes. Thanks and have a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Millennium!

In Harmony
Brian "BD Bopper"

PS: You can tell by my nickname that I love 50's music. I'll have to tune into the 50's Hall of Fame! :)
Dear Bill,

I wouldn't DREAM of driving through your area without WAYS on the radio. I often listen to your station via the internet. Great Sounds!


It sure is nice to hear a little bit of home out here in Hawaii. Keep the good music coming and GO DEMONS (class of 82)!!!
Hi, Do you take special requests? If soooooo-- -- -- -- -- -- On Monday morning either 12/27/99 or 1/3/00 about 6:30 am could you play Monday, Monday by the Mamas & the Papas ? Please? Play it for Randy drivin in to work from Trish in Memphis, TN. I'm listening to you live on the Web.
I am listening you from mississauga,ontario. canada
Listening from Chicago, Il Since I found your station on Shoutcast and RadioSpy I no longer have to turn on the radio. Being 57 I REALLY appreciate your station. Say hello to my daughter Mary who works at Michaels in Macon and now listens to your station because of my encouragement. THanks very much.
I am here in San Jose, CA listening to your radio station online. I have searching some good oldies radio stations online and have come across your radio station. This is my first to listen to your music. I will save it on my favorite places.

Hi! I love this station, can i hear "angel baby" by rosie and the originals if you have it? I'm from shiprock, new mexico. thank you for your time!
I, listener of the radio, in Brazil for the Internet would like here to express my admiration for the sender, that I listen frequent. He would like possible, to send in my redencial address some adhesive or another material of the radio as spreading, publicity.
In case that necessary, I can pay the expense of sending My address is:

Felipe ********** *****
ZIP Code: *****-***
Presidente Prudente- Brazil

Exactly not being possibile, I am thankful for the attention

[ ] 's
Felipe *****
Hi Bill,
Can you possibly play something upbeat for me this week? One morning between 6:30am and 6:45am? To Randy from Stormie in Memphis, TN.
I have started listening to you in the mornings on the internet! Thanks!!
My wife and I just started to listen to your programs. Sounds really good. We live in Borger, Texas and it is too far away from the oldies station in Amarillo to pick it up. You guys are a lifesaver. Thanks so much

I'm listening to 99 ways. It's very good and i appreciate it very much. My name is Lenny Quah and i'm 16 years old and from Malaysia. I like oldies very much and i'm a fan of Elvis Presley. I hope that your station do play Elvis's songs....I'll be very glad if you would play some of Elvis's hits.....Thankz.....
Subject: listening

Columbia, Maryland
Hello, my name is Frank. I am in the Air Force currently stationed at Eglin AFB Florida, but I am originally from Macon. I went to Southwest High school am I am trying to find out if the class of 1980 is having a class reunion. I would appreciate any help you may be able to give me. Thanks for a great station, it's strange but nice to be able to listen to a station from home.

I got a tip from a cyber friend in Michigan to check out 99Ways..Sounds Great!! Do ya play much " Cookies, & or "Crystals " ?......... OUT, Luke in Albuquerque
I'm Listening in Port Clinton, OH.
It's close to Toledo, OH.
I don't Suppose you would play Ode to Billy Joe by Bobby Jentry.
Thank you
I am looking for the answer to the question, "Who sings," "clowns to the left of me jokers to the right here I am stuck in the middle with you?" I am in south Fl. on Lake Okeechobee.
Yeah I'm listening. Jody **** in Beaver, WV - just getting ready for 6" of expected snow.
I'd like to request a song. the song is "be my baby" from the movie "dirty dancing". i'm writing from tenn where i'm snowed in and can't go anywhere if you could please play this song it would really make me happy.. thanks..
Sam *****, from Severna Park, MD 21146. I grew up listening to Oldies on WTMA, Charleston, SC
just started listening to yall a couple of month's ago and think yall are great.
i drive a truck ( dont tell anybody ) but anyway i got a FLA. run back in dec and was going thru the dial and found yall.
they aint !!!! to listen to on 75 but yall.
i can pick yall up from tifton to my house in loganville ga.
we got a piece of a oldie radio station in atlanta, but they are brain dead.they have been on there for a hundred year's now and they only have x # of song's that they play , im sure they are in a shoe box on the desk ,and i be damn that's all they will play over and over and over and over ( you get the picture ). but hell yall have a bigger box full than they do it sound's like.
keep up the good work and play some bg's some time .

bill are you listening ?? try to play some brother gibb's in the am some time. them brain dead boy's in atlanta dont have any in there shoe box . thank you .

My Aunt just showed me how you can listen to your station online. I LOVE IT!!!! I listen everytime I sign on now, thanx :)
I'm listening in San Francisco California
we are listening to you in crystal river, fl. the oldies sound great down here.keep doing the great job. see ya.....b
in the early AM from Las Vegas, Nevada

Dallas *********
Hi to all at "99ways-live" !!

Many greetings from Vienna, Austria, Europe.

I can hear your best music-mix in perfect real-audio-internet-quality.


You guys are doing a great job. Do you accepts requests for songs too?
If (accept request) then
please play ("Any song sung by Nat King Cole");
else //if you do not accept requests
please consider ("Accepting requests.");
Corvallis, Oregon
I see the post on the home page that you will be back on soon. Any idea when you guys will be back on the net?? I am anxious to see the video along with listening the the great music you all play.

We just found you. Wonderful station. We're in the San Francisco Bay area just north of Silicon Valley (San Jose). Keep it up-you're a life saver.
I think you have the greatest Oldies station in the country. I am in Northern California and love to listen to you station over the web. Why is it that every time in the morning when I need some good music that the server has reached it's capacity?
Is there anything I can do?
Please let me know.
Thank's Karin
I'm in Dublin - no not Dublin GA, Dublin IRELAND!!!!, listening right now. I used to listen to 99ways when I was in Macon 7 years ago, I love that station.
If you get this message in the next half hour or so (9:20pm now), I would be delighted if you could play a request for me.

Thanx, I'll listen thru the net as often as I can!!

Jonathan *****.
listing here in dallas texas, the station is as hot as the weather today! Great sound, although, I am on cable.
Hello Bill--

I was doing a search on Tony DeFranco and found you! I'm from or should I say a transplant North Carolinian. Growing up, I was really into Tony and the DeFranco family. There is a webpage created for Just wondering when you are going to do your Tony marathon. I'm hoping I'll be able to pick up your broadcast of the net.

Go luck with your show and thanks for remembering a greated and still cutie like Tony.

Patti W.
North Carolina (via Virginia)

(Back in the 70's I worked for a station that broke "Heartbeat" and it's listed on these Bill Elder Radio pages. Don't you just love search engines? I hear the DeFranco's are doing great and that Tony didn't fall for the typical childhood problems that came with stardom- Bill)
Jim *******
Inverness Floria
(Citrus County)
Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you i like to listen to your show when i can . On the radio and on my real player powered HP. I drive a truck down through middle Georgia running down hwy 221 . I can pick you up at about Louisville down to Dublin and Mcrae thats my stop. So i listen to you going down and to brad going back up i run out of Spartanburg SC . I like bought your shows but your is my favorite. Right now while im typing this im listening to Dan Greenfield. I was listening to you but you left at 10 am . i would like to meet you in pearon some day if i ever manage to get a run into Macon . you bring back a lot of memories for me. Im from Louisville Ky. now in Spartanburg SC and one of my best friends up in Louisville Ky. was a disc jockie named Bill Bailey on a.m radio wklo in the sixties Bill has now hung up his mic for a set of golf clubs but hes still a great guy. Us kids use to love to go down on 4th and walnut in Louisville and watch and listen to him do his show because they had a show case studio it was a lot of fun we all loved Bill. Oh by the way i like the Bill planter on the web page. Well better go now but i would like to hear from you if you have the time . Say hi to Brad for me you guyes are great thanks for the fun.
Orville W. Skaggs Jr. Later guy.

i would like to tell you i'm a big fan of "Oldies". it's so nice to be at your website! :)

I'm from Macau, a place next to Hong Kong. Thanks so much for all the wonderful songs! :)

Thousand thanks
I'm in the Air Force and I'm currently at Greece. Unfortunately, I will miss being home for my anniversary today, 30 Aug. My wife, Beth, listens to this channel all the time. Can you play "Beth" by KISS about 7:50am?

Subject: (no subject)

Bend Oregon

(Sounds like a good idea to me! - Bill)
I have gotten several people in my office to tune in to your station and we are loving it. So, hello from Bethesda, Maryland.
Just to say hello from Alexandria, Minnesota. Keep the great tunes coming... Thanks John ******
Listening here in San Diego
Just wanted to say hello! I have been listening to your G2 feed on my Real Player Plus w/G2. I love your mix of oldies. Keep up the good work. I enjoy listening to all types of music from all over the world, but find the G2 stations provide a much more stable cyber-cast. I am from Warwick, Rhode Island. I am 45 years old. Thanks for the memories!!
Well, Bill, now that you're on the internet, the rest of the world can suffer with us. Bill Tribble, former radio and tv star

(Bill Tribble was News Director of 13WMAZ for years. A true professional and a great friend of our radio station. He also has a wicked sense of humor! He was even kind enough to have a part in my final broadcast. - Bill)
Just wanted to say Hi. I found your radio station this week online and I have really enjoyed listening. I can't get through to you today, but I will try from home this weekend. I have been listening almost all day unless I lose my connection. Thanks for being online.
Diana Hart - Houston, Texas

Diana Hart
Petrosys USA, Inc.
Listening in Titusville, PA -- site of first oil well ever. I lived in Macon for years and visit family their often, but when away enjoy 99ways as home "away from home".

Thanks for great oldies and broadcast over the net.

Gil Gray
Sure we are listening. Sorry about the weather. Hope its not too bad. Keep at it ! Leif ********* Stockholm Sweden
Hello! I'm a 'sophisticated' live webcast listener from Orillia, Ontario Canada.. just discovered your webcast today from Mike's Live Radio Listing

(oldies link).. the other standard oldies stations were bombing out today (El Paso, Indianapolis, Chattanooga), but your loaded at once!

your signal is fantastic.. as good as the Toronto live-feeds coming from just 70 miles away... and great choice of music!

keep up the good work! we'll be listenin!

Maurice **** - Teacher- Eastview Secondary
I get into work at 6:00AM PST, so I just get the last hour of your show. However, I listen to the other DJ's most of the day.
As you probably could tell from my E-Mail address I'm feeding at the public trough. You mentioned that you're getting a new area code. I'm currently writing a program to mass change the area codes on a number of Data Bases here for the City of San Diego. Sounds like area code changes is going on all over the country. This and the Y2K stuff keeps the programmers here pretty busy.

We have a Y2K guarantee, at least for the City Water Department, the water may not come out of the tap on January 1, 2000, but, by god you will get a bill....
Greetings from Dayton, Ohio! I'm at college here, listening to you guys over while typing a rather lengthy paper. Your station is great! An oldies station with true VARIETY is a rare and welcome find.

I don't know if you take requests at this time of day, but if you could play "Here Comes My Baby" by the Tremeloes, it'd sure help me finish this paper!


I'm like what I hear. Aloha from Pearl Harbor

Mr. P.K. *********** Quality Assurance Regional Information Technology Service Center
How about a request, from a first-time listener??

"Denise" by Randy and the Rainbows

I am Tom Larkin, from Indianapolis, IN

HI! Here I was just surfing along and THERE you were.I lilke the oldies.KEEP 'M coming. I llike the internet sound.
Jerome *****
Your show is great. We don't have oldies stations in the UK so some of us have astronomical phone bills listening on the web I really enjoy listening in the evenings to your afternoon show. The fifties and early sixties are my favourites

Regards Alec **** Manchester England
listening from cincinnati, your station,listen all the time while i'm on the computer.
Hi, I am Pablo ********, a Spanhis manwho is working in Denmark, I just want to give you my congratulations, I am listening you now by the internet (amazing internet, jaja). I f you could just play for me with out you, from Nelson, cause I am chating now with my girfrien in Spain, and she is listen to you as well. Thanks a lot, and regards
Dear Sir or Madam

Great music, I used to listen to a radio station in Charlotte NC called WAYS, but it was an AM station. Do you have any ties to that station?

Thank You

Jerry ******
Hi vogues
the sound quality improved a lot with G2!!! Better than the FM radio here locally
also via the Mp3 winamp it sounds great
I wonder if you have anna - Silvana Mangano (from 1953) that is are track
in case YESSSS please let me know when you will play it, thanks buddy! greteings from the island Guaruja on the Brazilian coast

* Great service!

* I'm an active duty major in the U.S. Army, presently stationed in Augusta, GA (but I've spent six years overseas in Saudi Arabia, Germany, and Central America and twelve years in the U.S in Maryland, Michigan, California and Texas). I grew up in Warner Robins and listen to you when I visit there.

* A family member that lives in Byron GA told me of you site. After a few minutes I'm hooked - you already on my "favorites" list. You can bet that you'll go with us wherever our next home is!


Brent *******
Augusta, GA

I'm listening to your station via the Internet from East Georgia College in Swainsboro, GA. Sounds GREAT!!! Really enjoying it!

Hello from Danny in Wantage (Near Oxford), England. Found your station yesterday, its great.
Thanks for keeping me company on my birthday...

Very enjoyable !!!


From: Springfield, Oregon
I love it keep up the great work.
ken ******
antigo wi 54409
Hey cool music from my natal country.

Just to say HI to all the U.S.A. and tell everybody that there's nothing like your hometown to remember how anxious I am to get back.

By the way I'm living in COLOMBIA, SOUTH AMERICA!!! the end of the third world countries.

Hi everybody. This amazing internet let me listen your great statios in Copenhaguen Denmark. Thanks for playing such a good music. I use to chat with my friends and family and we use to listen your station, ad coment the music your playing at every moment.
ah, if you could play for me Go now!! performed by the Mody blues

Hello from the city of Victoria, on Vancouver island, BC, Canada. Listen to you all the time.

Keep up the good music.

Dave & Lorraine ******
I would like to hear Land of a Thousand Dances by Cannibal and the Headhunters. We live in Wash D.C. area and all they have is the Wilson Pickett and Major Lance versions. Would really appreciate it Thanks.
who wrote this song who recoreded it what year , who were the grope / who were the members/ what ever happened to them . And why cant you find a copy of it in stores . I have look in a lot of music stores and they say they cant even order it . And its one of my favorites so where do i find a copy do you know.
Orville W. ***** Jr.
Inman S.C.
I'm in a radio station sticker contest.. Could you send me your bumper stickers. Each week the one who gets the most unique sticker get a free lunch.

Thank You

Paul *******
I just found you guys! I've got you bookmarked so I can make you a regular habit. You play good stuff. This burnt-out old hippie really enjoys it.

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