play audio air checks

If you want to listen to the audio, you'll need a player on your computer that played MP3's. Everything plays MP3's now, even REAL players. If you want to see if you have a MP3 player on your computer, just click on the MP3. You'll see this screen, or one like it, appear and give two choices.

One will be 'Open file from it's current loaction'. This means it will play the audio from MY web site and not download to your computer. The next option is 'Save file to disk'. This will allow you to download the file and store it on your computer the same way you would text or pictures. If you choose this and a player pops up and you hear audio, then you're fine. If not, it'll ask you to choose a player to play the file. Just select a free player from the left and install it.

Sometimes when you don't hear any sound, before you panic, try this. (I know these things sound crazy...but you'd be surprised at how often, it's the simplest things.) Check to be sure your speakers are plugged into your computer. If they use power, then check to see that they're connected to an outlet and are turned on. Also check your system tray on the bottom right of your screen. You'll see Icons that look something like this. Click on the volume control or the speaker to be sure the sound isn't being muted. You'll see a slider that looks something like this.

I hope this helps. These instructions are mainly for Windows 98. Windows XP is very multimedia friendly, and should have no problem in launching the audio by itself.