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Sorry..but there is no audio file for this page...yet. I have one cassette of my airwork at WMAZ. It is not working at the moment, but I hope to repair it soon. Actually, I know how bad I was and I'm not sure I want anyone else hearing it. God bless 'em they put up with me for six months, at least. Watch this space and I'll tell you when it's posted.


Robot Man ! MP3 I had just started working at the Big X. I sounded like a drone. A hysterical look back. Too bad I didn't improve.


Afternoon Delight MP3
The Don Stevens year. That's right...I had a fake name. Long hair, and 30 pounds heavier, this was a fun place to work. My friends and room mates were all on th air. In fact our one apartment filled three out of four daytime shifts.

Get It On! MP3
Another 'VLD air check from the "Bill Elder" year. Bob Harrison was a great Program Director and obviously kept up with the latest trends. Of course, when you're in the shadow of the Big Ape (690 WAPE)'d better! The guy doing the ID's, "WVLD...Valdosta," was actually our General Manager, Al Evans, Jr. (Danny Dee of WAKE in Atlanta fame) What a set of pipes.


I Got The Records..'You Got The LOVE'..Wanna trade? MP3
Man...somebody give this boy a sedative! LOL! It was the mid-70's and everybody was yelling. Radio got its personality back!
Kung Foo Fighting MP3
I get lots of comments about this bit. Pretty funny...and it isn't even original. Hey...what comedy piece is?
The legendary Wolfman was in town for a nightclub gig and sat in for Terry Taylor.


Buckwheat Cakes MP3
This is a hysterical play of a complete surprise to newsman Jess Branson. He had mentioned this song and had no idea I waas about to play it. A great guy to work with and (to this day) makes killer coffee. You'll also hear the Beatles promotion where we gave away (what else) a Volkswagen Beetle...not Beatle.


Weather Time Squeeze MP3
Before I got to FM99 in 1982, there was 7 years at the Big X. I played around and ran out of time to give the weather.
Outer Space Takeover MP3
It's the space men again. This piece is original. I wrote it and did the voices. Enjoy!

FM99 / 99WAYS

Vanilla Ice visits 99WAYS MP3
This is a sample of mornings in 1991. Loads of calls, a cute poem by a 10 year old on the first war with Iraq, Calls from Jimmy, Ronald and a call to the President at the time when First Lady Barbara had broken her foot. A special show ending done by the late Jim Pryor. A great friend and good guy...and we miss him.
Don't Want To Offend Our Deaf Listeners MP3
What was I thinking? This is a call from a listener that was complaining that the "Teacher Of The Day" wasn't someone who "signed". Laura gives the news, Tripp is in rare voice as he introduces me. (He's married with children now. Laura lives in a van by the river...just joking.)
The Mayor and A Call To President Reagan MP3
The man announcing the meeting on October the 6th at City Hall is our former Mayor, Lee Robinson. Great guy and allowed us to make fun of the campaign song that won him the election. Then, you'll hear a call to the President (a tradition since 1976).
Send More Hay MP3
Call to the President...and famous "I'm Butt NAKED!!!"
And now here he is...TRIP! MP3
Here is a sampling of the young guy who did the hourly intro to the show. By the way, he's married with children and still in town. I saw him a couple of years ago and he still plays a mean game of basketball! I first heard his voice carry across a little league field. My nephew had a baseball game that day and I heard his voice. I said almost these exact words. "If you can read, I'd like you to read a few lines for my radio show." He was so good, those few lines turned into reels of content. I've had more people mention him. Eventually, people at his school discovered it was his voice. His parents were great about it and very good sports.
Carol Of The Dels MP3
By special request, a copy of the Christmas parody of Carol Of The Bells. We named it Carol Of The Dels named after Del Ward who is a popular radio and television broadcaster and recent inductee into the Georgia Radio Hall of Fame. I was honored to be at the table with she and her family at the induction ceremony. She is a terrific friend and has a great sense of humor.

Oldies 99WAYS

Last Day On The Air MP3
Camille begins the call...Jim Marshall ends it. A great memory, plus friend Asbury Stembridge.

If I Could Talk The Stories I Could Tell...

Neighborly message on my answer machine MP3